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I have been looking forward to the Disney Fairies: Tinkerbell game for quite some time now. I was extremely disappointed when they weren’t showing it at E3. But lately I’ve been stoked to see a plethora of games that appeal to my inner third-grader. Confession: I’ve been playing kiddie games on my pink DS Lite. Examples:

Meteos: Disney Magic. I cannot seem to beat the Little Mermaid level on Medium. Sadface.

My Sims. My racquetball skills are teh fail. I sleep in the empty house by the pier because it’s cuter than mine.

Mah Jong Quest Expeditions. You’d think matching a green firework tile to another green firework tile would trigger some ‘splosions, or at least get rid of the tiles. No.

Games I’ve got on pre-order:

My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie’s Party

We Cheer. The first action my Wii will see since the Super Smash Bros Brawl dual-layer CD dusty Wii fiasco.

Disney Fairies: Tinkerbell

I’m sure you dudes who are all about headshots and high speeds will claim that I am not a real gamer. I say "You’re a mister doo-doo head." Because sometimes I am 8.


8 thoughts on “Living my 8-year-old “Moment”

  1. Michael says:

    I think there’s still a little kid in every gamer.  I for one, despite my age, refuse to ever completely ‘grow up’.  What fun is that?  😉 

  2. TEN says:

    My Little Pony Pinkie Pie’s Party That’s already out on DS. I sold one yesterday to this lady for her daughters bday.
    Since this is written on the 23rd Im not sure if you already went out and picked it up.

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