Mother of three, USMC wife, smartass, bookworm, Baroness of Sealand, and french fry connoisseur. Trixie spent close to two decades in the video game industry, including eight  years as community manager/web editor/video hostess “trixie360” for Microsoft’s Xbox Live service. Before getting into games she was a nanny, receptionist, apprentice film editor, frozen yogurt dispenser, college drop-out (three times!), and amateur princess. These days she is a full-time author. Her novels include The Sleepless Nanny, a series of mysteries featuring Lexy Cooper (Schooled, Pwned, Griefed, Glitched), a spin-off mystery series featuring homicide detective Mike Malick (Summer Wind) and a non-fiction guide to writing, publishing and marketing your own books called B.Y.O.P.: Be Your Own Publisher.

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