Quarantine Notes – Beauty Meditation

Like you, I'm losing all sense of time. Each day is like the one before. Some days are exciting: we get a delivery! Good times. I feel as though the anxiety is ramping down a bit. It seems like we've seen the worst, and, as long as the people in charge don't jump the gun... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Notes – March 19

I'm feeling more in control--even if that control is an illusion. I actually got a call from my doctor's office in response to my message about upping the dose of my anxiety meds, and I have a phone call scheduled tomorrow. Anxiety-wise, Kid 3 is having a rough time and is super needy. It doesn't... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Notes – March 17

Today is the first day of remote learning for my fifth grader, aka "Kid 3." But, Kid 3 (and her older sister, Kid 2 (24) have run low fevers since the 4th of March, so I have been effectively quarantined for a long time. Kid 2 is on medication for psoriatic arthritis, and is immune-suppressed.... Continue Reading →

Things that make me go Hmmmm?

Why is every activity for adults [fun thing] and wine? I'd love to paint and cook and craft, but I don't like wine. I don't want to pay for the wine and not drink it. I don't want to get the "WTF is wrong with her" looks when I'm the only one not chugging wine.... Continue Reading →

Late to the Party – starting D&D at 50

My son is pissed. "MOM. I tried for YEARS to get you to play D&D, and you wait until I move to New York to start playing?!" "Well," I explained. "I thought it was math. All those dice and hit points and stuff just didn't sound like fun." (Look, I'm a super lib flaming feminist,... Continue Reading →

A letter to my dead father

Dear Dad, Intellectually, I knew you were mortal. And your health hasn't been good for several years. It all started to go to shit when you slipped on the stairs and broke your leg. After that was a 5-way heart bypass. You never really came back from that. Though your scars healed and your cardiologist... Continue Reading →

How a lame comment and a case of mistaken identity torpedoed my job search

I didn’t always say everything that popped into my head. When I went to Kindergarten, the school realized I could already read like a third-grader (though I couldn’t tie my shoes), so after two weeks I was put in first grade. Where I became the smallest, youngest child in the class with the bonus of... Continue Reading →

You’re a cancer survivor – a bullet list

One day you feel a lump in your boob. Machines create images, doctors test a chunk. It’s cancer. People say you’re a survivor the moment you announce your diagnosis. You think, “huh? What’d I do?” Treatment begins in early May and concludes in late December. Start the new year clean, you think. Through it all... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I miss cancer.

Are you surprised? I am. Après cancer is a series of milestones. One year since my first chemo! One year since my last chemo! I have come to the conclusion that my cancer-free status dates from my lumpectomy, when Doctor Superman removed those bad lymph nodes and the clip to show where Turdy once lay... Continue Reading →

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