Finishing touches: Getting your novel in top condition

This post isn't about that final-final review when your manuscript has already gone through professional editing and proofreading. This is about getting your manuscript ready for the next step, whether that's beta readers or your editor. Getting to the end of the first draft and typing "The end" is a fantastic feeling and nothing should... Continue Reading →

Working with an Editor and Proofreader

Right now my most excellent Empress of Editing Marti McKenna is deep in the weeds of a second pass on my upcoming book Griefed, getting ready to hand off what we believe is final copy to Proofreader Princess Stacie Magelssen. This is our third book together, and we've definitely got a system that works for... Continue Reading →

Things my proofreader taught me

I'm a professional writer. By that I mean that since 1995 I have made my living--paid my rent, fed my offspring--by writing. You'd think I'd have words pretty much figured out by now, wouldn't you? But you'd be wrong. I still have a lot to learn. Here are some of the things I learned recently... Continue Reading →

The feedback a writer needs most

There are some people who can never, in good conscience, review an author's books: the author herself of course, and anyone who worked on the actual text. In my case that's my editor Marti and proofreader Stacie. But they are the people whose understanding of the book and characters are second only to my own.... Continue Reading →

The Culling – Step one in revising the novel

Starting the revision process is daunting. Partly it's re-reading the book I just spent three months 24/7 with. I'm not ready to sink back into that world I created. So, I'm beginning the coward's way: Culling. It's time to get rid of filler words, weak words, words that add nothing. Let's start with the word... Continue Reading →

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