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Free Books!

schooled coverIn honor of the return to school, the first Lexy Cooper mystery is free this week. Download the Schooled eBook through September 6 for the price of sunshine!

Here’s what readers are saying about Schooled:

“Filled with great characters, and a twisty-turney perfect murder mystery plot.”
“Witty, empowering, and deeper than you think.”
“Lexy is a character I find myself thinking about even weeks after finishing the novel.”
“A captivating thriller that introduces you to the inside of a big company that sells widely-loved entertainment products.”
“An awesome mix of humor, action, sex and more.”
“Lexy Cooper is THE sexy heroine for the gaming generation”

Back to Schooled prizeAnd if you’re into free stuff, you can also enter the Back to Schooled giveaway for a chance to win a pretty cool prize pack that includes signed paperbacks of the first three Lexy Cooper books (Schooled, Pwned, and Griefed) plus two bottles of Jones Soda with custom Lexy labels. (Strawberry Lime and Berry Lemonade flavors!) Enter through September 6!


Win a copy of Griefed in this Goodreads Giveaway

The third Lexy Cooper mystery is now in paperback and you could win one of three signed copies! Just enter the giveaway by August 17th for your chance to win.

Enter to Win Here

Griefed paperback

Win a Signed Pwned Paperback


Enter to win a copy of Pwned by writing a review (you’ve read it on your Kindle, right?) by January 31. Check out the details and rules here.

Free eBooks for Christmas

Christmas wishesI’m feeling pretty jolly, how about you? Let’s see what Santa Trixie has in her…um…sack.

First, thanks to Amazon Kindle’s MatchBook program, now when you buy Schooled in paperback, you get the eBook for FREE. Amazon allows authors to set the price on the MatchBook, and I’ve selected “Free” because Ho Ho Ho.

This is one of my favorite reviews of Schooled:
“This book is filled with great characters, and a twisty-turney perfect murder mystery plot. It also nails the feel of working in the game industry in a perfect way.”

Pick up the paperback right here: It’s currently $6.29.

Next, you can get the short, sexy, funny holiday story I Saw Lexy Kissing Santa for FREE when you subscribe to the Team Lexy newsletter. Here’s how it works: You click here to subscribe to the newsletter and you receive a .pdf of the story via email. You get the cover, too, because who doesn’t want Brett Parson artwork?


A couple things about the newsletter: I don’t have the energy to spam you because I’m trying to finish writing Lexy 3. When I do send the newsletter (once a month or so unless I have spectacular news to break), I give Team Lexy members inside news about the next book, new formats, and even weird stuff like alternate names (Did you know Detective Mike Malick was originally “Roy Malick”?) Super bonus: In the next newsletter I will be revealing the title and cover for Lexy 3!

Or if you don’t want to bother with newsletters, I Saw Lexy Kissing Santa is a whopping 99 cents to purchase, so there’s that option. You can make that happen right here.

Enter to win a signed copy of Schooled

Enter to win a signed copy of Schooled.

schooled cover

Goodreads Giveaway – Signed Copies of The Sleepless Nanny

I’m giving away three signed copies of my first novel through a Goodreads Giveaway. Entry is open through March 19, 2013.

New Book Cover!

Cover art by Paul Steed.

There are only a few printed copies in existence and you could win one of them. The cover art is by Paul Steed so it’s a chance to own an image by the late video game art legend.

Giveaway Link

A Slice of Heaven in Seattle—Mother’s Day Giveaway!

If you follow me on Twitter–and if you don’t good lord what are you doing with your free time?! –you know that I am a fan of Gene Juarez salons and spas. I like them because they’re fancy enough to make going there feel like a special occasion, but not so fancy you feel the frosty chill of snobbery.

Last weekend I was treated to the titular slice of heaven. (btw dudes, ‘titular’ has nothing to do with boobies). I received the Be Relaxed spa package at the Redmond Gene Juarez which includes a 60-minute massage and a classic pedicure.

Be Relaxed
Working full-time (in the second-most stressful job in the country!), commuting 2 hours a day and raising 2 teenagers plus a toddler while my husband is deployed overseas makes Trixie… tense. Trixie likes massages; they are a rare and fabulous treat that I suggest all friends and family members gift me for every holiday in the future.  My masseuse/massage person/savior (?) was Trish. After I was settled comfortably on the massage table she said “Let’s talk job descriptions” and I thought, oh crap she’s gonna want me to chit-chat and tell her about my job stress. But no. Next she said, “Your job is to lie there, breathe, and relax. My job is to lift you.” And she did. I don’t know what Trish’s background is or what, if any spiritual bent she has, but I know this: she is a healer. I have not been that relaxed since February 2006 (first trip to Maui). After the massage, I had a Swiss Shower which pretty much soaked in the relaxation and also conditioned the hell out of my hair.  Going back into the changing room, I glanced at myself in the mirror—wet hair, not a speck of make-up –and for a moment I looked 12 years old. THAT’s how relaxed I was!

Next up was the classic pedicure. There’s all sorts of clipping and smoothing and filing and polishing…but I was basically zoned out in bliss land. When it was over my feet were soft and my toes painted a gorgeous Essie shade called “Mink Muffs” (You can giggle; I did.)

My toes are trendy!

I left Gene Juarez feeling relaxed, pampered and pretty. What better gift to give your mom, wife, sister, aunt, grandmother or egg donor this Mother’s Day?

Your Turn
The good folks at Gene Juarez are offering some great deals for Mother’s Day:

  • Receive a $15 Bonus Gift Card and exclusive offers when you purchase a gift card of $160 or more online.
  • Receive a Custom GJ Weekend Tote when you purchase a gift care of $160 or more.
A Trixieland Giveaway
They have also very generously donated a treat for YOU, dear reader.  A gift card good for the very same Be Relaxed spa package I just told you about plus the weekender tote with great Identity1 hair products! What mom wouldn’t love to open this present on Mother’s Day?

How can you acquire such a treasure? Leave a comment on this blog post and tell me why you need to relax. (And the first person who links to Frankie Goes to Hollywood is disqualified!) Please remember that Gene Juarez is a local Seattle area establishment, so if you (or your intended giftee) live in California or Hong Kong you should probably send your mom flowers instead.

Good luck!!

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