The Sleepless Nanny is FREE

The new cover by Sara Nicholson
The new cover by Sara Nicholson

My first novel, The Sleepless Nanny is free to download this week on I wrote this book a long time ago and shelved it for almost as long. Then, with the arrival of the Kindle Direct Publishing platform, I unleashed it on the world in 2011. I wrote about that long lull here. Since then I’ve written and published seven more books with another due to hit in a couple of months. This book changed my life. Your mileage may vary.

BTW that new cover design is by the super talented Sara Nicholson who also did the cover for my book Summer Wind.

Snap up this free novel by January 30, 2015. Happy reading!


B.Y.O.P – Be Your Own Publisher

I’ve been blogging about my trials and errors in this writing thing for a couple years now. From a post about discovering Kindle Direct Publishing and unearthing a long-lost novel, to crowdfunding a research trip, I’ve shared the journey with my blog readers.

BYOP Cover

If you’ve found my writing tips interesting or helpful, I’m collecting them into a short non-fiction book on writing, publishing and marketing your own book. If you’re a follower of this blog, some of it will be familiar but a lot of it is new content.

Why am I doing this? Because two years ago I hadn’t written any fiction in nearly two decades and hadn’t published a damn thing. Since then I’ve published four novels and a short story and have had a crash course in indie publishing and marketing. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve learned some tricks, and I’d like to help writers get past the doubts and inertia and get their book out into the world.

Look for B.Y.O.P this summer!

My book comes out tomorrow and I’m calm

calm-before-storm-1Tonight around 11 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time I will begin the brief process of uploading my crime novel Pwned to Kindle Direct Publishing. Within 12 hours (usually only an hour or two) it will be available to purchase on  Why am I not bouncing off the walls? Because I learned a few things the last time around–which was just this past November.

1. The internet is not going to explode with excitement.

2. I am not going to sell 100,000 copies on Day One.

3. It will take time for people to read and review it.

4. Most readers won’t bother to review it.

5. Many people who say they ‘can’t wait’ for it to come out won’t even read it–heck most of my own family won’t read it!

6. 90% of ‘review copies’ will go nowhere.

It looks a bit sobering, doesn’t it? It’s actually not. I’m still enchanted with Lexy Cooper and am 4 chapters into Book 3. I’m also planning a holiday-themed short story (a.k.a. shenanigans at the Xenon Xmas party–criminal and otherwise). This time around I only gave review copies to media outlets that reviewed the first book. I gave away dozens of review copies of Schooled to people who were really just too cheap to pay 7 bucks, and felt angry and resentful when they didn’t hold up their end of the bargain. Not this time.

Other than that, the only thing that’s changed are my expectations, and my sense of entitlement. Just because someone says they want to read it doesn’t mean they will. Mentioning someone in the book is no guarantee they’ll even re-tweet your announcement that it’s available. I have accepted that people owe me nothing, and will or will not read, review, or support my books at their own whim. And that’s okay. I finished writing Pwned back in February, so it’s been a long wait to introduce readers to Lexy’s second adventure in sex, murder, and video games.

That reminds me…I need to go write the description!

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