The Sleepless Nanny is FREE

My first novel, The Sleepless Nanny is free to download this week on I wrote this book a long time ago and shelved it for almost as long. Then, with the arrival of the Kindle Direct Publishing platform, I unleashed it on the world in 2011. I wrote about that long lull here. Since... Continue Reading →

B.Y.O.P – Be Your Own Publisher

I've been blogging about my trials and errors in this writing thing for a couple years now. From a post about discovering Kindle Direct Publishing and unearthing a long-lost novel, to crowdfunding a research trip, I've shared the journey with my blog readers. If you've found my writing tips interesting or helpful, I'm collecting them... Continue Reading →

Fear of Finishing

I am about 1200 words from completing Chapter Nine. Which will leave only two chapters left to write. All week I've been writing really slowly, getting distracted, having to stop and do a bunch of research, needing desperately to tend to my SimCity on Facebook... you get the picture. Here is a short list of... Continue Reading →

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