The Sleepless Nanny is FREE

My first novel, The Sleepless Nanny is free to download this week on I wrote this book a long time ago and shelved it for almost as long. Then, with the arrival of the Kindle Direct Publishing platform, I unleashed it on the world in 2011. I wrote about that long lull here. Since... Continue Reading →

When to release and promote your books

There are those who say that authors should release a book simultaneously in digital and paper form. Their argument being that everyone who wants to read your book should be able to. If they want to give you money, why make them wait? Well, I’ll tell you. Every new format is a chance to promote your... Continue Reading →

5 Tips for Free Book Promos

1)      Be strategic about the timing. Link your free promo to an event like Mardi Gras, the Daytona 500, Pi Day or whatever makes sense for your book and genre. 2)      Give yourself ample promotion time. Set the dates a month or more in advance so you can pitch your promotion to free book sites.... Continue Reading →

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