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I’ve read ALMOST every Stephen King book. Not the Dark Tower stuff–too sci-fi for my taste. But I’ve always been intimidated by The Stand.

So I finally picked up a copy to read on the plane and the beach. Yikes. It hasn’t made my skin crawl yet (I’m about halfway through) but I find myself flinching every time I hear someone cough… convinced the superflu is about to have its way with me.

PS. I never finished It. I tried twice but I just got too freaking scared and had to stop reading!

2 thoughts on “Freaky Beach Read

  1. Unknown says:

    I tried reading IT when I was around 13, I remember it being pretty scary and long so I didn’t get very far. I’ve never attempted The Stand, but I did watch the entire mini series (on VHS) mostly while I was working at a video store. I really don’t read enough, but I see you have Cryptonomicon in your list, I’ve been trying to read that book for several years. I really liked Snow Crash and Diamond Age (two books I actually finished). I just keep getting several hundred pages into Crypto and then stop reading for several months. Too many video games I guess.

  2. Christa says:

    Heh, I haven’t finished Cryptonomicon yet either. I think it’s brilliant, but it just isn’t rocking my world. Not compelling, or something. Loved Snow Crash though… did you know that’s J Allard’s favorite book?

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