Be my E3 beeyotch

Check next week for a contest that could take you to LA for the biggest event in gaming. The catch? You gotta be me ‘n’ Major Nelson’s lackey…

Can you fetch coffee for Maj? Are you willing to hold my hair when I puke? Can you say "Yes, Miss TriXie. Right away!"?

Then you’re halfway there.


  1. I’m married I practice everyday… I might have this contest, after I ask my wife if I am allowed to enter.

  2. I guess I can do that.For E3, definetly.I am 18 now (March 10th), so im legal to be in it. woo.

  3. If you check it through bags? Sure. If you put it in yer carry on? Probably. If you shove it in someone’s mouth and then try to lead hir through a checkpoint, make sure there’s no metal on said equipment.And if you attempt to "use" it on one of the people working at the security check point? Um. I don’t know if you’d get on the plane at ALL… might make a new friend tho!Wait, WHY am I giving you ideas?! *ph34r*

  4. How long is this going to run?I will be in Florida next week (NCSA [Swimming] Junior Nationals) and I wont be able to access my computer.I really want to enter this baby.

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