Who owns Terri Schiavo?

What is this, property law?

Who "owns" Terri, her husband or her father? If this were the middle ages, the father passes ownership and resposibility for his daugher to the husband when he ‘gives her away’. This whole thing makes me sick. If she knew how awful she looks on TV with her mouth hanging open like that, she’d definitely want to die!

Okay, I’m goin’ to hell…bring it on.

3 thoughts on “Who owns Terri Schiavo?

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  1. I ain’t got nothin’ to bring. I think the greater govt should stay out of it, as I see it as a State issue. The only people that should be involved at the federal level are judges. I think in the absense of a living will, the husband should have the most legal leeway. In this case, the husband is being a dink for battling with the parents (he could have saved face by turning his wife over to her parents and defused this whole thing) and the parents are equally at fault for not letting their daughter die (seeing as there’s 0% chance of recovery).The question you ask is interesting because it leads to the question of "who owns the movie rights?" which will become active in a couple of weeks.

  2. This could start a trend. Maybe they will pull the tubes out of the Pope (Yes, he really has at least one for breathing). This issue must be embarrassing for both the church and the US govt to have the world to see how dysfunctional they are.

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