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Um, I am completely enamoured of this book I’m reading right now. First, let me say that I have not read a lot of sci-fi in my life. I’m cool with futuristic, I’m down with post-apocalyptic, I can even handle the odd dystopic book. BUT names without vowels and scenarios for which I have no frame of reference turn me right off. Example: "Srwthp grabbed the ptklj and deftly loaded it into the twrqn-rgdc, which brought back memories of whmnvcing back on the pleasant meadows of Pthvcrmx."


I’m so loving Altered Carbon by Richard K Morgan right now. I’m totally savoring it. I’ve never read a book this slowly. I have a big fat crush on Takeshi Kovacs, the main character, and yes, all the words have vowels. Has anyone else read this?

4 thoughts on “New Favorite Book: Altered Carbon

  1. Yours Truly says:

    Safeguard and sustain
    our one and only home,
    a beautiful, priceless jewel
    beyond compare.
    Let’s appreciate
    the beauty of our Earth.
    Let’s care for our Eden
    and all living things.
    Drawing:  Care for all living things
    Drawing:  Stop global warming

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