To the keepers of my future corpse…

I’m not usually morbid, but all this stuff about the Pope lying in state… It’s just kinda creepy. I mean, the man is dead. And he’s lying there and people are wallking by… ew. Nothing against the Pope; it’d be creepy with anyone. At least Reagan was in a coffin.

So hear me now and believe me later, as Hans and Franz used to say. I do not want people looking at my dead body. Do. Not. Want. That.

Unless I die in a cosmetic surgery accident and look fabulous.


  1. This is a very Catholic thing. I can’t for the life of me understand why we do it, but we do….

  2. I have one question though; (I attend a Catholic school, but I am not of the Catholic faith)Have they embalmed his body?

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