4 happy MTV winners… one to go.

Congrats to  Captain EO, ninjadan, bubble guts, and nailhead (who already posted it on Xbox365.com). 

I left a message for the last winner. Dude in Glendale, check your voicemail, you’ve got 24 hours to call me back!


  1. Whoa there – I’m a Dude, in Glendale! Does that mean I qualify to take his place? There’s a time limit for responses and then it goes to the nearest NEIGHBOR, right?This is my lucky day.

  2. Ohhh, bad news, Meth. Dude in Glendale called me back. He was ASLEEP when I called. You believe that?

  3. Asleep! Ha. Likely excuse. Whatever hoppen to drinking Red Bull and playing Xbox 24 hours a day??? Ha. HD Generation allows no time for sleep. Ha.

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