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So what’d you think? Did you love it? Let us know what you thought of the show and what you think of the next-gen Xbox console. Send me email at and spill your guts. Don’t forget to include your gamertag and hometown. I will pick one random respondent to win my Xbox gift bag from the MTV event last week in Los Angeles. Hey, who loves ya, baby?

BTW, I’ve been holding onto the below photo for a week.  Maj sure does love that Xbox 360.

15 thoughts on “GamerSpeak: The MTV Show

  1. TIMOTHY S says:

    The console looked cool but I think MTV messed up the entire show. Too much unneeded crap, next time I think they should focus more on the console and games and less on music and celebs. BTW, I am one of the "whiny babies" on Major Nelsons site and now I am a "whiny baby" on yours too.

  2. John Muehlbauer says:

    Nice photo. What we really want to see is the Lance Armstrong interview. I think you should post that.

  3. Saad says:

    GamerTag: CyberAthlete and Art Of FraggingHere is my breakdown of the show:30 minutes went by too fast. That, or there should have been greater coverage on the xbox and games (especially). First impression a new console makes is what kind of eye popping graphics it can produce, because that only leads to people salivating about what great looking games they’d be playing.Games that caught my attention (without a doubt they were nex-gen graphics and so so sweet): NBA 2k6, NFS: Most Wanted, Ghost Recon 3Features: Wireless – way to goWhite Xbox – hmmmm, is an xbox competing with the iPod? Does it come with white headphones too? I’ll have to wait and see one in person. Sorry, but not sure where a white console fits in with the rest of the home theatre setup.Xbox 360 Specs – I looked these up on the web since no mention was made on the show, most impressive. Amazing how they can pack a beast in such a small housing.Perfect Dark: I never played the original, so can’t comment on Zero. But MS is making a smart move by winning over Nintendo fan boys (and girls for that matter) to the Xbox 360 with the perfect franchise (next to Zelda/Mario).just my honest opinions.

  4. Josh says:

    Looking at that picture makes me feel like he’s gonna bust ‘outta the glass and shout "HEEEERRREE’s JOHNNY!"

  5. Unknown says:

    Although, it wasn’t what I hoping for, I realize this was really put together to get the MTV viewer, than it was to the Xbox Gamers. I can’t wait to see what is released at E3. Hopefully some more substantial news for the more hardcore gamers…..

  6. Tod says:

    Hey TriXie, did you hear that Robert Scoble wants to interview the Xbox team for Channel 9? Sounds like a perfect opportunity to me with yesterday’s MTV publicity stunt and E3 next week!Oh, my take on the MTV gig…looks like it was fun to be there, but it was pretty painful to watch (for a gamer geek like myself that wanted the gory details and none of the fluff). I do really appreciate the inside coverage you’ve been providing though!~tod

  7. Unknown says:

    The MTV special was unimpressive. Fortunately the Xbox 360 is. I didn’t hate the show; i just thought it was unfocused and uniformative. I understand MS is targeting a specific demographic of non-hardcore gamers, but I thought the show underestimated that audience. Could be wrong. In the fleeting glimpses of Perfect Dark Zero I could see, I thought it looked okay, not great. But I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt until I download the demo from the XBL marketplace (great idea). I just finished playing Doom 3. Now THAT’s a game that looks great. In my mind, 360 games need to significantly look better that Doom 3 to be considered at all impressive. Misc. reactions: Changeable face plates: great idea. Silver XBL "free-on-weekends": great idea. The 360 specs look strong. The thing’s a monster. I’m jazzed about Halo 2.5. PLEASE BE ON THE 360 HARD DRIVE!

  8. ed says:

    I thought that the xbox 360 looked awesome, the show was a little less exciting though. I’m not sure whether the show varied when they screened it on UK television, because all I got to see was 2 adverts, some music recordings, and about 10 seconds of the console.MTV didn’t show me exactly what I was expecting to see, it was more of a Killers and Snow Patrol party featuring xbox. I was hoping the other way round.The xbox 360 has me hooked, I just hope they don’t make us in the UK wait longer than everywhere else in the world :PGT: evil squelchMidlands, England.

  9. Shi Yang says:

    Oh well, I suppose E3 and gaming websites are the places to go (Or check up on, for E3) for gamers.

  10. Rigoberto says:

    Gamertag: zi Calr 3 89Old Gamertag: CxyerHometown: Pleasant HillAbout the GamerSpeak: The MTV ShowI was looking at the website almost everyday for any update, I am a big gamer, I love to play at any time, any day, I knew that there was going to be a show on MTV about Xbox 360 on May 12 at 9:30PM, BUT I though it was at my current time and it was not.I live in San Francisco Bay Area and the day of the show I was talking on MSN with a friend from Miami about this new WebCam that I got 2 days ago, I was so excited with the image of my webcam and with the show because I have been waiting a long time for this new Xbox.I was talking with my friend when I got a e-mail from other friend that lives close to me, and he asked me if I was looking at the MTV show, I run so fast and I turned my TV on – and BOOM the Xbox 360 show on MTV – I was so excited, it was pretty good BUT I think that the music was to much, it would be even better if it was only about XBOX 360.Thank God that my friend has DVR and he recorded the show, we looked at the video like 4 times because my friend is the kind of person that reviews everything and give his opinion about everything, at least his comments are really good.In general I think that the show was good BUT it would be better if you include more details about Xbox 360 and less music from Artists.ALSO, I must ask you if there is going to be a COUNTER STRIKE 2 for Xbox 360 – Because that game was the best game ever (shooting) for Xbox, I love that game so bad – one of my Xbox got overheated because I played for 6 days straight with 2 other friends, we ruled Xbox Live the last 2 days

  11. Mitch says:

    gamertag: mitchy182I thought the MTV show was alright, but there was too much of the normal MTV crap thrown in there and it messed up the point of the show. I got really pumped after watching some other movies on the internet about the 360. I have never been especially excited about a console release, but the 360 blew me away completely.

  12. Silver says:

    I thought that the MTV show was a disappointment, although Xbox 360 looks great. There was too much MTV fluff and not enough factual info about Xbox 360, Xbox 360 Live, and most importantly, the launch games. Overhyping the technology of Xbox 360 is futile for causal gamers who mainly care about the games. Software, not hardware, sells consoles.

  13. ENZO says:

    Gamertag: IsamuTysonHometown: Santiago, ChileI re-watched the MTV special and I think it was a great show for the general audience, in fact several friends, that are not gamers now think that the Xbox 360 it is going to be the coolest thing on earth. But for hard core gamers I think the show was very poor in terms console info, that was what they wanted to be excited about. In my case I was happy to have access to the "the colony" videos that provided that console info that I wanted.IMHO, Enzo.

  14. John says:

    GT: AgntOrnge370Hometown: Chicago, ILI thought the MTV special was kinda overdone but I also realize I was not it’s target audience. I’m just a wee bit old for that marketing group. It was typical MTV fashion to be overblown and wildly done up. I swear the two performances by The Killers in a 30 minute window was more music than MTV has played at one time in years. The only part that I enjoyed was the quick section on the making of the console form. It was kinda cool to see, even if briefly, the different itterations that the design took over the course of the development. Other than that it was all fluff and wow did MTV air it with some rather large commercial blocks. I found more official info on the web the day following the show to be highly interesting. I enjoyed it much more but as I said, that show wasn’t meant to wow me in particular. I’m still excited about the Xbox 360 and will be buying one even if I’m not the target of the general media blitz =)

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