Sony’s party sucked

I infiltrated the Sony party last night, thanks to someone who does not wish to be revealed. "I still have to work with them," he said.

  • It was at some weird campground/garbage dump/county fair looking place by Dodger Stadium. Actually it was the parking lot.
  • They bussed us from the downtown hotels to the stadium, then once we’d traded in an invitation for a wrist band, loaded us on these cheesy golf-cart trains
  • The service at the bars was S-L-O-W. Super slow. And they were out of tonic water and they served some cheap donkey vodka.
  • The band was, um, mix-and-match? Juliette Lewis sang a couple songs, then some dude from Puddle of Mudd was trying to rev up the crowd, "Are you ready to party?!" *crickets chirping*. "Are you having fun tonight?!" *grass grows*
  • I saw the scariest thing in the world. It was a freak parade, right through the party. There were normalish looking chicks in shiny gowns walking two-by-two with a ‘fat lady’, a giant lavender teddy bear, and other crap so bizarre that now I can’t quite figure out what was real.
  • They had a boxing ring thingie. I didn’t see any actual fights, but I saw some crazy blonde broad strutting around removing articles of clothing, down to a be-fringed bra.
  • Later on, I heard rumors that she was going to wrestle the giant lavendar teddy bear.
  • They ran out of alcohol at midnight.
  • The swag they gave away was so butt (a big stupid gym bag thing) that I ditched mine on the bus on the way back.
  • I couldn’t take any pictures, their security scared me with their light wands and humorlessness and occasional outbursts of ‘seig heil’
  • I spilled two drinks on a Chief Technology Officer. Neither of the drinks were mine. I got in particular trouble because the second drink I spilled belonged to an Art Dude who had arrived late, just before the booze ran out, so I spilled the last donkey vodka in the place 😦
  • I bet a Sony Account Manager five bucks that two years from now Xbox 360 will have sold more consoles than PS3. He says "Oh so you get two full years on the market?" I said, "Hey it’s not my fault you’re slow." I’ve got your business card Nate, so I’ll be collecting my fiver two years from now.


  1. LOL!! Spilling Donkey Vodka on a CTO, Thats classic Trixie!! BTW, thanks again for an awesome C3 event (sporting my T-Shirt with pride)!! I had such a blast.. nice surprise having Adrian Young from No Doubt there =)

  2. hehe…you should just go to all video game parties…and rate them.hehe.I guess C3 was a REALLY big hit…alot of people are talking good stuff. Anything like "360 in NY" coming along? 🙂

  3. They shipped you guys to dodger stadium? Oh my gosh – was this some kind of PSP tailgaiter? I can see it now: bonfire, smores, Sony execs rolling dice…

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