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Coming soon… you’ll have the chance to win cool Conker swag. Mmmmaybe–just maybe–the prizes could include a Conker of your very own, like the one below (which belongs to Major Nelson).

Conker: Live and Reloaded is due in stores June 21, and shortly thereafter you’ll have the chance to win cool Conker swag. Details coming soon on!

2 thoughts on “Bring on the Conker swag contest!

  1. Kubes says:

    Thanks for adding me, you may notice that ive been a fan of COnker for many years now ….lol i was wondering if i entered any of yer competitions….and i acutally did win …like what my question is that do u send rpizes across this small world or do you only send them to washington etc…..

  2. Peter says:

    Oh I hope I win one of these…. I saw one at Gamestop and tried to schmooze the guy in giving it to me… this would look great on my desk at work with all my Spartans and Brutes (yeah people make fun of me here at work for having toys, just makes me get more)***crosses fingers***

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