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Trench sez:

The finals round started with all 6 countries battling it out in what could only be called the ultimate Halo 2 match of all time!  The match was close from start to finish with countries swapping spots the entire 10 minutes.  In the end though Japan reigned supreme and ended up in first place.  This meant that the U.S., Australia and France all took their 2nd loss of the tournament and were eliminated.  That left us with 2 countries with 1 loss each and 1 country undefeated…so we went again!

The next round pitted Germany, Japan and the Netherlands against each other with Germany and the Netherlands fighting for their lives!  In the end though the Netherlands pulled out all the stops and completely dominated the other two countries.  This of course meant that Germany now had 2 losses and was eliminated.

That left us with Japan and the Netherlands for the overall Grand Champion title.

The final match started off slow with both countries searching for the other but once again the Netherlands champion proved too much for the Japanese champion.  Once in the lead King Tuur never relented and in the end he walked away the global champion!

Congrats to my Dutch boy, the Worldwide Halo 2 Champion!


4 thoughts on “King Tuur Wins!

  1. p.m. says:

    Yup Like I suspected our national pride LOL!!Or was it our national secret project, well any way it’s good to know that we can be big on some front’s for such a small county!!P.s. Thanks Trixie for replying on my blog.Keep up the good work!!

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