Xbox and Green Day together at last

It’s a match made in heaven! Xbox is the official sponser of Green Day’s American Idiot Tour which kicks off in Chicago in August and concludes in Los Angeles in early October. Okay they’re in Europe right now, so I guess I mean ‘the North American part of the tour.’
We’ll have tickets to give away and you’ll also be able to score tix from local radio stations. Unfortunately, Billy Joe declined what I thought was a generous offer to be my bitch. Maybe a couple months on the road will make him change his mind by the time he gets to the Seattle show in September.
Stay tuned to for ticket giveaway info and other supercool swag! Check out the tour dates here.

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  1. No Weigh! I was going to ask "will there be tickets"I will find a babysitter for this one. I will quit my job. Move to another state….Wait a second, I’m doing all that anyhow (but it sure SOUNDS good in the context of Green Day, don’t it?)Ok so you got my attention Trix. I will continue trolling for details :)-Meth

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