Game with Fame: Marvin Williams

Coming up next week is your chance to test your b-ball skills against number 2 NBA draft pick  Marvin Williams!
Marvin will be here at Xbox HQ on Wednesday, July 27 playing ESPN NBA 2k5 from 7-8pm ET/4-5pm PT. Look for the gamertag mwilliamsgwf.
Here’s what Marvin himself had to say about it: “The Hawks are going to get the best I have to offer, every minute of every game. The same goes for my upcoming ‘Game with Fame.’  I always give my all, and I’m looking forward to some of the best competition whether it’s on the court or online on Xbox Live.”

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  1. Dang that’s a good quote! I’d challenge him to a game of Ms. Pac Man – but Trix I have a real question for you: what’s the difference between Xbox Live "aware" and "enabled" – if Ms. Pac Man is "aware" can you play 2 player over Live (and see your opponent’s turn) – or does "aware" mean that only the high scores are posted to the leaderboards?BTW, I’d get a 50" widescreen plasma TV if I could play Dig Dug on the 360, with the game screen on the right and their webcam video on the left – so I can watch my opponent eat dirt 🙂

  2. Meth, Live Aware means that you are logged into the Live service even though you are playing a single-player or ‘offline’ game. You can receive Friend Reqs and Game Invites, so you’re still plugged into the Live world.Live-enabled can mean anything from multiplayer online, to downloadable content only or stat upload only. Check the back of the game package for which Live features are enabled.

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