Game with Fame: Marvin Williams

Coming up next week is your chance to test your b-ball skills against number 2 NBA draft pick  Marvin Williams!
Marvin will be here at Xbox HQ on Wednesday, July 27 playing ESPN NBA 2k5 from 7-8pm ET/4-5pm PT. Look for the gamertag mwilliamsgwf.
Here’s what Marvin himself had to say about it: “The Hawks are going to get the best I have to offer, every minute of every game. The same goes for my upcoming ‘Game with Fame.’  I always give my all, and I’m looking forward to some of the best competition whether it’s on the court or online on Xbox Live.”


  1. Dang that’s a good quote! I’d challenge him to a game of Ms. Pac Man – but Trix I have a real question for you: what’s the difference between Xbox Live "aware" and "enabled" – if Ms. Pac Man is "aware" can you play 2 player over Live (and see your opponent’s turn) – or does "aware" mean that only the high scores are posted to the leaderboards?BTW, I’d get a 50" widescreen plasma TV if I could play Dig Dug on the 360, with the game screen on the right and their webcam video on the left – so I can watch my opponent eat dirt 🙂

  2. Meth, Live Aware means that you are logged into the Live service even though you are playing a single-player or ‘offline’ game. You can receive Friend Reqs and Game Invites, so you’re still plugged into the Live world.Live-enabled can mean anything from multiplayer online, to downloadable content only or stat upload only. Check the back of the game package for which Live features are enabled.

  3. Thanks Trix! (…anything we can do to keep this old fart "up to date" is good for the economy 😉

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