Tepid Coffee

Okay, so I saw the infamous GTA: San Andreas mini-game…
It’s nothing you wouldn’t see on an episode of Sex and the City or Nip/Tuck. And, hello, they aren’t real people! It is so not X-rated. Definitely R. The graphics kinda suck, and CJ is fully clothed the whole time. Gotta give props to a pixellated pretend man who can make the pixellated pretend chick say ‘You’re the man!" without even unzipping.
This is about as titillating as cottage cheese.


  1. I love SATC, but my testosterone levels decrease whenever I watch it, and I always end up engaging in overly articulate conversations with my wife – so I need to take that in small doses. Bad healthwise.

  2. HAHA Trixie. That has to be the funniest thing I’ve read all month. I almost shot hot coffee right out of my nose I laughed so hard.Jaken Bear – XCL

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