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I saw Sky High yesterday. After the um, "state fair" I visited yesterday. Did I imply it was a company event? Whoops, I musta wandered into the wrong field. It couldn’t have been a corporate shindig, because my company only hires people who have such giant, throbbing brains that we are not allowed to notice, or god forbid, comment on their outward appearance.
Anyway, apparently I dreamed the whole thing. No need to call out the SWAT team. I’ll consider myself on probation.
I dug Sky High. It was fun. There were some good laughs, and I love Lynda Carter as the principal. Plus, I have a total crush on the bully, Warren Peace. He’s a SUPERHOTTIE. Oh lord, there I go judging books by their covers again. He wasn’t just beautiful he was brooding and violent and misunderstood too. My kinda guy. Too bad the actor is only 19. Does that make me Michael Jackson? 
Please tell me it’s still okay to make fun of Michael Jackson.

6 thoughts on “Sky High – better than you’d think

  1. Mark says:

    Why did you pull the company picnic post? It was quite a laugh :)Anyway, don’t see why you should have pulled it, its too late anyway given its sitting in everyones aggregators already; plus places like bloglines and newsgator web edition have it cached anyway

  2. x says:

    You’re allowed to do anything you want, dont change anything because of me… I am sure you get the difference between making fun of a celebrity and what you wrote. The simple fact that you conveniently deleted the previous entry is proof enough. However, I completly fail to see what is the link between hiring smart people, publicly showing some respect for your coworkers and the way you look. Why do you bring this up?It’s okay to make a mistake and apologize. This is certainly not an "holier than thou" reply, either you own up to what you write or you don’t, you can’t erase all trace of your post and then act all offended that some lame people don’t get how funny you are. Well, apparently, you can… It’s a shame cause you *can* be funny… The internal blogging mailing list has a great piece of advice: don’t blog anything you wouldn’t say in front of your VP. I know that even if I felt exactly the same way as you did at the company picnic, it might not go very well if I said it out loud in front of Robbie Bach. Apparently, after thinking about it, you feel the same way…

  3. Christa says:

    Used to be…I deleted the post because you’re right, it was over-the-top bitchy. It was meant to be funny to people who don’t work at MS, but obviously I went too far. It was mean-spirited. I went off about the way people looked but what I was really bent out of shape about was a feeling that people were taking advantage of MS’s largesse in bringing massive amounts of people, and behaving rudely. (‘Squatting’ in the few shady spots, spreading their stuff out so that no one else could eat their free cheeseburgers away from the heat, letting their kids run amok) It was crowded, it was hot and I was cranky.

  4. John Muehlbauer says:

    Trixie, go make yourself a rum and diet and just relax… I wish I could have read the picnic post..

  5. Jeremy says:

    I learned long ago… don’t attend non-mandatory company events… aka Picnics. In the best case scenario, they never help you. But on the flip side, they can be total social disasters.As for the blog post… I didn’t get a chance to read it… but it seems that when you share you private feelings in public, you soon find out that "hey, people do read this thing after all."

  6. MthdDirector says:

    I have difficulties with parties in general, unless there is some kind of videogame console present. I have empirically found that the only way to counter the impulse to flee is by blowing things up on Halo.

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