Befuddled in Hazzard County

Saw The Dukes of Hazzard. It was a good time. I never ever ever thought I would say this, but Stiffler was hot in this scruffy ignorant sheepish-grin bad driver kind of way. What’s the matter with me? Must be the heat…
One thing perplexes me about the Duke family though. Bo, Luke, and Daisy are all cousins, but none of them are siblings. So…that’s three sets of missing parents. Did some tragedy take out six members of the Duke clan simultaneously, leaving them all with Uncle Jesse to raise them? Did the still explode?
Speaking of stills, why are the Dukes running ‘shine when beer is available at the Boar’s Nest? I think the moonshine is a front for the Duke family meth lab.


  1. Yeah I hope it’s the heat… although I know I will rent this movie… How can I miss it?

  2. Boba, did I say it was a GOOD movie? A work of cinematic art? Negative. I said it was fun. I had a bucket of greasy ‘corn, a big fat Diet Coke and a cute boy next to me. I probably could have watched ‘Dune’ under those circumstances.istephen, you might not wanna wait for the rental. On the big screen, Daisy’s boobs are about three feet in diameter…y’know, if you like that sort of thing.

  3. I know you didn’t say it was a GOOD movie, I’m just wondering why it was the #1 movie in the country…was it just for Jessica Simpson?

  4. No, probably because ALL the major films playing right now suck a hard ****. Which movie at least has cars, action, and a semi-leading female role? Dukes.

  5. Those boys have been in trouble with the law "since the day they were born" What’s not to like… LOL

  6. Beer might be available at the Boar’s nest, but that might be weak 3% beer, and probably overpriced, with the profits going straight to Boss Hogg. But the main reason for making ‘shine may not be for personal consumption. While Hazzard county may not be dry, there are likely dry counties nearby, where moonshine can turn a good profit.This also explains why Bo and Luke take such pride in, and care of, the General. Being able to outrun the cops makes running boom juice a lot easier and is actually where the roots of NASCAR (Bo and Luke’s career goal) lie. It also explains their intimate knowledge of the backroads of Hazzard county, and why they can seemingly turn off the main road and right onto a road leading to a jump that only the General can make, as this sort of knowledge would be necessary for them to have to avoid getting caught. This whole scheme, of course, is why they’ve "been in trouble with the law since the day they were born" and are prohibited from owning firearms.Of course, maybe I just overanalyze these things. My real question: did "the other cousins," Coy and Vance, make an appearance? Half of me hopes so, then the other half says "you damned fool, Coy and Vance sucked and those episodes were horrible!" But still, I’m curious.

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