Welcome to the blast furnace…

Holy hell, it’s 96 degrees here and huuuumid.
I’m grouchy because I had to get up at 4am and then I had to sit in a middle seat. Do you know that United is now making people BUY their crappy meals. No merci. Luckily I scarfed a Burger King breakfast biscuit thing in the terminal
Anyway, DC is freakin hot. Saw cool stuff like the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Watergate Hotel, Kennedy Center, and even a glimpse of the White House. Took crappy driveby pics that you can check out in the photo album.
My hotel is nice, albeit crooked. No, not Nixon crooked, just askew. Minibar report: Diet Pepsi, not Diet Coke. You can imagine how well this sits with me. Also, my room overlooks a gaping hellpit. Or a large construction site. You be the judge.
Off tonight to rally with the Bethesda welcoming committee. I already told them I have a ‘no vomit’ rule. I have important work to do tomorrow…

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  1. I suggest Green Johnnies..equal parts vodka, midori, and red bull, and just a splash apple pucker.No vomit rule in effect..Have fun flying the bird on pennsyvannia ave…

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