That’s a weird word isn’t it? Would you ever say you were going ‘soundhearing’? or ‘flavortasting’? Hm.
Saturday was my last day in DC. After sleeping in late due to a beverage too many at the News Cafe in Georgetown (hi to my new friends Danny and Joe!), I phoned up my chauffeur/tourguide/Bestheda honcho, and he picked my ass up for a little viewspectating, landmarkgazing, etc. He has a fancy nav system in the Benz…you program in where you wanna go and a lady’s voice will say ‘turn left in 700 feet". I call her the "car bitch". But just as my driver was asking car bitch to find  a parking garage near the White House, I spied one myself! This happened again later in a search for a Starbucks–I found one before she was done calculating. I am a better car bitch than the car bitch!
So we parked the car and walked to the White House. I took some pics, including one that involved my finger in the foreground and La Maison Blanche in the background.
It was sooooo flipping hot, it was like walking around in a bathtub. Gross. So we said "f this noise" and proceeded to view all further momuments from the comfort of the air-conditioned car.
It was a great trip, I got sweet pics and interviews and I had the whole Bethesda team sign an Xbox 360 t-shirt. Oh, and a nice boy on the plane home let me watch Ocean’s 12 with him on his portable dvd thingy.


  1. did you actually go into any of those buildings or just bars last night? Next time you make your way to the east coast, I’ll show you the drinking tour of DC and yes, you’ll actually see something historical, and most likely cross the puke limit. BTW, Morton’s is a chain 😉

  2. Glad you had fun, What’s the Xbox 360 T-shirt look like.. and did you ask them my question?

  3. Glad to see you made it back okay. BTW trix, I just bought my summit tix! :OLet the party begin!

  4. I told you it was a freaking sauna here. Next time you go talk to Bethesda, bring an MVP (hint hint). I couldn’t make it this time with a newborn…but next time…

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