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Since my trip to our nation’s capitol, I am feeling so damn patriotic, I decided to share. What’s ‘American’ on your iPod? Frenchies–you got any songs that begin avec ‘France?’ Please note, I pronounced it ‘fraaahnce’ in my head.
So funny. And I love a song that includes bad words in the title. Nothing better than the F-bomb.
From the last good Weezer album. Did I mention me no likey the new one? Yeah, I did. Yet, Weezer bassist Scott Shriner thinks this is a great song to listen to while playing racing games. Interview here.
Love love love this song. Also reminds me of The Silence of the Lambs when the senator’s daughter is driving along, rocking out to this song, oblivious to the fact that the freak is lying in wait for her skin. "It puts the lotion in the basket."
Best album in the last ten years. Truly. Don’t forget to enter my Xbox Rock Journalist contest for a chance to win Green Day concert tickets.
I also dig the Lenny Kravitz version of this song. But it also reminds me of how annoying Heather Graham was in The Spy Who Shagged Me. Hot, but annoying. Loved her in Boogie Nights though.
BTW, just got a pair of those Bose noise-cancelling headphones. Sooooo delightful. Only drawback is I don’t realize how loud I’m singing.

4 thoughts on “5 songs on my iPod starting with ‘America’

  1. Surly Duff says:

    I love the quiet comfort 2’s. I have an old pair as well, they are great for the airplane or the office when you don’t want to be bothered by people yapping or trying to get you to do their work.Here are my "America" songs:American Baby–DMBAmerican Bullshit–George CarlinAmerican Girls–Counting CrowsAmerican Idiot–Green DayAmerican Life–MadonnaAmerican Way–NasAmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted–Ice Cube

  2. Christa says:

    Oh boba, you’re such a badass! 😉

  3. Shawn says:

    No iPod, but this is what I have on the ‘ol PC:America — Marcy PlaygroundAmerica, F*ck Yeah! — Team America America, F*ck Yeah (Bummer Remix) — Team America American Cliche’ — FilterAmerican Dream — Better Than EzraAmerican Gigolo — WeezerAmerican Girls — Counting CrowsAmerican Girls — Rivers Cuomo (lead singer for Weezer)American Idiot — Green DayAmerican In Amsterdam — WheatusAmerican Music — Violent FemmesAmerican Pie — Don McLean

  4. Christa says:

    Ooh, Lackey…good call on the ‘Bummer Remix’

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