Bungie interviews Major Nelson

Check out this Community Spotlight on the Maj.
Hmmm….wonder where they got the idea for community spotlights?
My favorite part:

It seems that you’ve become quite the celebrity in the gaming world. You’ve got a steady stream of activity at your website and at E3 you were giving away exclusive "Major Nelson" branded merchandise. Now I hear you’ve got an upcoming Hip Hop/Country cross-over album and you’re shopping around Hollywood for your own reality show. How did the "Major" phenomenon get started? What’s next?

I can’t explain the phenom. I guess the gaming world was ripe for a geek anti-hero with access to the inside. As for future projects, I’m developing both a line of patio furniture and a cologne. How’s this grab you: Major Nelson, the aroma. The tagline is ‘smells like a pwning’.



  1. I’m just disappointed he cut me out of that Hollywood deal at the last minute. It’s so wrong. I was so close.Maj- I pre-ordered the patio furniture AND the cologne! I can sing backup! Wrong blog I guess fro that.

  2. I just hope he puts out his own clothing line, just like what he wore at the MTV Xbox 360 special. That suit was the best 🙂

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