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Just in time for Back to School. Gamertag Radio is hosting Old School Wednesday! Play the games from the early days of Xbox Live with the hosts of Gamertag Radio.
The first one will be Wednesday, September 7th at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific. The game? Tetris Worlds, baby!
See GTR for all the details. Link.

3 thoughts on “Get Old School on Sept 7th

  1. Matthew says:

    Tetris isnt old schoolMotoGP: Online demo. Now you are talking about an XBL launch title!

  2. Danny says:

    yes we are planning to have Moto GP, Mech, Unreal and much more! We decided to do tetris we are a big fan of that game! Hope to see you there.. trixie doesnt want it with us. she knows that we will kick her ass on that game 🙂

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