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Crikey, the British are coming!
A big fat ‘cheerio’ to the Frag Dolls UK. Please welcome Voodoo, Jam, Kitt, Sarin and Lucky to the Xbox Live community.
Don’t forget, this Friday is a Frag Doll Friday featuring Halo 2!

4 thoughts on “Blimey! More Frag Dolls!

  1. MthdDirector says:


  2. Christa says:

    Okay a friendly Brit pointed out that ‘cheerio’ actually means goodbye. I called him a limey and he said something about ‘you ham shanks’ meaning ‘Yanks.’Speaking of Yanks, in third grade I was sent to the Principal’s office for singing this song in class:"Yankee Doodle went to town riding on a rocket. Stuck a feather up his butt and called it Hershey’s chocolate."Unfair. 😦

  3. MthdDirector says:


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