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Me and O saw two movies this weekend. Here’s my take:
The Constant Gardener
Great freaking movie. Shot in a sort of documentary style. No obnoxious movie cliches. Suspenseful, sad, makes you think. Depressing though, the evil that men do. That’s a statement on the human race, btw, not a bitter single chick statement. 😉
Love Jodie Foster. Love Sean Bean. Awesome story and great suspense.
Also, Amber and I saw Red Eye last week. It was very satisfying. We had the theatre to ourselves for some reason and put our feet up on the seats and yelled at the screen "He’s behind the door!" "Don’t go in there!" Wes Craven knows what he’s doing for sure.
I recommend all these movies. I still want to see "The Cave" "Venom" and "Cry Wolf." Any of you blog readers see these? Love ’em? Hate ’em? Stop me before I make a mistake!

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