Welcome Xbox MVPs!

We had 13 of the Xbox MVPs here at Xbox HQ today. They got to talk to Peter Moore, pick up exclusive swag, and see stuff you all won’t see til November 22.
They’re a smart bunch of dudes (and chick–hey DirtyDiva!) and are NOT afraid to ask the tough questions and lay down some smack.
They’re off to a big MVP Party tonight, so I’m off to post bad words in the forums… who’s gonna stop me?
Oh wait, Rhyze and Bobafett and Mgerlach310 are still on duty. Dang.

15 thoughts on “Welcome Xbox MVPs!

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  1. Scoble did attend one of our sessions and it was a pleasure to meet him 🙂 The whole experience was so surreal that it still hasn’t quite sunk in yet. Special thanks to Trixie who helped make it happen and brought us the best presenters ever!

  2. Thanks Trixie! It was an awesome time and great to see all of you folks at Microsoft again! can’t wait until the next Summit already!

  3. A big thank you goes out to Trix, who spent a lot of time getting us the great line up of folks we met at the summit!I know you’ve been heads-down in work for xbox.com and other projects that MUST be done before launch. Your dedication towards our event means so much to me, and everyone else who was able to attend. You made this event so unforgettable. Thanks again Trix.Josh

  4. Thx’s again TriXie. Had an awesome time. I’m not sure about those pics though, I think I either look slightly retarded or slightly stoned.Must have been all that soda I consumed (my prize for travelling the greatest distance to get to the Summit).

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