Ooh my life is complete…

Bejeweled 2 is coming to Xbox 360! Plus a WHOLE BUNCH of other Xbox Live Arcade goodness!! http://www.xbox.com/en-US/press/1014-livearcade.htm

8 thoughts on “Ooh my life is complete…

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  1. hapy hapy joy joyso it looks like I’ll be playing Criminal Origins at night, and my daughter, who is in grade school, will be playing a little bit of Live Arcade during the day, and my wife will be plugging in her Ipod and doing god knows what…and pretty soon, this Xbox 360 thingy will be CONTROLLING OUR BRAINS, right? Turning us into seedlings for the giant Xbox POD in the middle the family room that will turn our once-happy family into a family of entertainment-crazed robots, who don’t blink, who don’t sleep, and who will stop at NOTHING until the entire world has been defeated on Xbox Live.hey I kinda like that!

  2. We can SO tell you are…………not 😉 I am trying to catch up to you in the current arcade leaderboard Trix, but it is not that easy. I am looking forward to playing bejeweled and HexicHD so bad.

  3. I’m wondering how many of those games are going to be ~£8 like the current XBox games. In the UK, this is above the "ouuhhhh, dunno if I want to pay that" price. £2.99 would be much more implusive buyey. Oh yeah, and have a discount if you buy for two Gamertags at the same time (For people who’s wife also has a GT and wants to keep her achivements seperate from mine, thank you very much)Drat, I’m grumpy today. Sorry!

  4. Can’t wait for some more good arcade titles. I’m currently hooked on Astro Pop – don’t tell anyone, though haha

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