What TriXie Needs

According to Google these are the top ten things I need:
  1. Trixie needs to warn us that a tree is about to fall
  2. Trixie needs some tapping    [Were truer words ever spoken?]
  3. Trixie needs prayers
  4. Trixie needs a rest   [no sh*t]
  5. Trixie needs bail $$
  6. Trixie needs to study to bring her grades up
  7. Trixie needs some friends   [hey!]
  8. Trixie needs owners without children
  9. Trixie needs help
  10. Trixie needs to go out   [abso-freakin-lutely]

I stole this idea from this very funny–and poo-centric–blog called Brownmissiles.com. I actually kinda sorta know this guy. He’s hilarious and he can make the Chewbacca noise better than anyone!

11 thoughts on “What TriXie Needs

Add yours

  1. This is fun… my turn:1. Shawn needs a family where he can be well-supervised. [see: broken jaw]2. Shawn needs a strong, independent woman in his life. [who doesn’t?]3. Shawn needs a blood transfusions and platelets as he undergoes chemotherapy. [woah, downer]4. Shawn needs to serve some jail time for his drinking/driving arrest among other things. [!!]5. Shawn needs to stop thinking with his other head and realize that Belle needs him. [Needs me how…? bow-chkia-bow-bow]6. Shawn needs to also recognize that he and others were NOT in a position to "rescue" Philip. [Sorry Phil, I wasn’t in position to save you from that accident I caused. See #1 & #4.]7. Shawn needs to be seen live to really appreciate him. [It is true, words & pictures don’t do me justice]8. Shawn needs to go off canvas, permanently! I am especially sick of Shawn. [I’m sure you’re not the first]9. Shawn needs to apologize for the timing. [Sorry.]

  2. Where/when is this guy making the Chewbacca noise? After tapping?1. Mike needs contact2. Mike needs 10/05/053. Mike needs a sample on flickr4. Mike needs bio5. Mike needs Director Beacon Journal6. Mike needs our help7. Mike needs a date8. Mike needs a good editing9. Mike needs RAOK please!10. Mike needs help

  3. 1. Matthew needs your help now2. Matthew needs a job3. Matthew needs a time out! And a hug! [no forget about the hug, but time out yes]4. Matthew needs to double his fluid intake and drink way more than an ordinary child5. Matthew needs to be on a low-sodium diet for the rest of his life 6. Matthew needs a family that is structured and consistent [I don’t know, that sounds boring – I prefer unstructured and inconsistent]7. Matthew needs a Mother’s Day gift [ok?]8. Matthew needs a winter coat [no sh1T – it’s raining in L.A. – what’s up with that?]9. Matthew needs an IV [for my habit…]10. Matthew needs to be known

  4. 1. Sara Needs A Loving, Playful Home2. Sara needs a job3. Sara Needs Your Vote!4. SARA Needs You.5. SARA needs assessment projects6. Sara needs to hand him one of those weapons7. Sara needs a little time with Michael to help him feel comfortable8. Sara needs to relax9. Sara needs a kind soul to sponsor her10. Sara needs to prove that the professor had nothing to do with the murderHAHA Nice.

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