What TriXie Needs

According to Google these are the top ten things I need:
  1. Trixie needs to warn us that a tree is about to fall
  2. Trixie needs some tapping    [Were truer words ever spoken?]
  3. Trixie needs prayers
  4. Trixie needs a rest   [no sh*t]
  5. Trixie needs bail $$
  6. Trixie needs to study to bring her grades up
  7. Trixie needs some friends   [hey!]
  8. Trixie needs owners without children
  9. Trixie needs help
  10. Trixie needs to go out   [abso-freakin-lutely]

I stole this idea from this very funny–and poo-centric–blog called Brownmissiles.com. I actually kinda sorta know this guy. He’s hilarious and he can make the Chewbacca noise better than anyone!


  1. This is fun… my turn:1. Shawn needs a family where he can be well-supervised. [see: broken jaw]2. Shawn needs a strong, independent woman in his life. [who doesn’t?]3. Shawn needs a blood transfusions and platelets as he undergoes chemotherapy. [woah, downer]4. Shawn needs to serve some jail time for his drinking/driving arrest among other things. [!!]5. Shawn needs to stop thinking with his other head and realize that Belle needs him. [Needs me how…? bow-chkia-bow-bow]6. Shawn needs to also recognize that he and others were NOT in a position to "rescue" Philip. [Sorry Phil, I wasn’t in position to save you from that accident I caused. See #1 & #4.]7. Shawn needs to be seen live to really appreciate him. [It is true, words & pictures don’t do me justice]8. Shawn needs to go off canvas, permanently! I am especially sick of Shawn. [I’m sure you’re not the first]9. Shawn needs to apologize for the timing. [Sorry.]

  2. Where/when is this guy making the Chewbacca noise? After tapping?1. Mike needs contact2. Mike needs 10/05/053. Mike needs a sample on flickr4. Mike needs bio5. Mike needs Director Beacon Journal6. Mike needs our help7. Mike needs a date8. Mike needs a good editing9. Mike needs RAOK please!10. Mike needs help

  3. 1. Matthew needs your help now2. Matthew needs a job3. Matthew needs a time out! And a hug! [no forget about the hug, but time out yes]4. Matthew needs to double his fluid intake and drink way more than an ordinary child5. Matthew needs to be on a low-sodium diet for the rest of his life 6. Matthew needs a family that is structured and consistent [I don’t know, that sounds boring – I prefer unstructured and inconsistent]7. Matthew needs a Mother’s Day gift [ok?]8. Matthew needs a winter coat [no sh1T – it’s raining in L.A. – what’s up with that?]9. Matthew needs an IV [for my habit…]10. Matthew needs to be known

  4. Ahhhh, yeah. Spreadin’ the love. Thanks for givin’ me some props! Now. About the gratuities…

  5. 1. Sara Needs A Loving, Playful Home2. Sara needs a job3. Sara Needs Your Vote!4. SARA Needs You.5. SARA needs assessment projects6. Sara needs to hand him one of those weapons7. Sara needs a little time with Michael to help him feel comfortable8. Sara needs to relax9. Sara needs a kind soul to sponsor her10. Sara needs to prove that the professor had nothing to do with the murderHAHA Nice.

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