TriXie Does Texas

While the rest of the Xboxers bust ass bringing Xbox Live and back up better than ever, I’m headed off to Austin, Texas for the rest of the week. Ah, 75 degree weather and Sixth Street goodness await. Those bad little Austin cowboys better beware!
I’ll be attending the Women’s Game Conference on Wednesday and Thursday, then hitting the Austin Game Conference on Friday. I’ll take some pics…
My girls the Frag Dolls are gonna be there and I’m making it my personal mission to get some incriminating photos of one or all of ’em.
BTW:, a bit of randomocity:
  • This is you all today without and Xbox Live
  • I can’t WAIT for you guys to check out our new web site tomorrow!!!
  • I’m sad about Rosa Parks. She was one ballsy chick.


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