Live member wins the Green Day Xbox!

Xbox Live member SubhumanJackyl of Stillwater, Okalahoma not only won two tickets to see Green Day play the Ford Center in Okalahoma City…his concert recap was the best piece of rock journalism we received!
Check out the sweet-ass Xbox on its way to him… It’s autographed by Billie Joe, Mike, and Tre Cool. Plus I’m throwing in a 12-month Xbox Live subscription card.
Congrats, Jackyl!


  1. You can always throw in a 12-month for me Trixie! I wouldnt mind it! :POh yeah, my blog is finally working. I forgot to make it a public blog instead of a private one! Whoops…. 😐

  2. Congratulations to the winner. It was enough of a prize just to go to the show and I thought mine might have a chance. 🙂 But ya Trix, if you have any extra 12 monthers laying around…. :)J/k , Congrats again to the winner.

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