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Hey you know the Xbox Gear Store?
If you’ve been there lately you may be asking the same question I am: What’s with the black and green? That’s old school. Where’s all the kickass Xbox 360 gear?
The good news is: It’s coming. And the really cool part is no longer will you see empty hats, hoodies and t-shirts… oh no. The new gear store will have live human beings modeling the stuff. Will it be Gisele, Claudia, and Naomi? Negative. The ‘models’ are real live Xbox team members!
I was at the photo shoot today along with dudes and chicks from all the Xbox departments. We had financial analysts, software  engineers, recruiters, account managers, art directors, marketing peeps, program managers, and yes, even a writer from
I’m not allowed to tell you what the gear is; but I will tell you this: it is COOL. I totally wanted to raid the closet and take everything home.
Anyway, ‘modeling’ is embarrassing. You’re standing there trying to look natural, while all you can think is: I am an idiot. And when your best friend is art directing the shoot and is totally manhandling you, messing with your hair and telling you which foot to stand on, sometimes you want to smack her a little. But it was good fun, and I got out of the office for a few hours.

4 thoughts on “Xbox’s next top models…

  1. Ana I says:

    Sounds cool, haha you got to model it for us. Sure will be looking forward into seeing the pics on the gear store. So since they got some girls. I guess we will expecting some girl stuff, hmmmm…

  2. Unknown says:

    I don’t own any hoodies, but could probably use a cool Xbox related one to sport casual…. curious what they have new.

  3. Agustin Cervantes says:

    I really enjoy the brand cool stuff.I hope we can buy from mexico with better shipment fees.

  4. DirtyDiva says:

    YAY GIRL STUFF! About time! I was mad they didn’t have anything for boobies when I came out there in Sept.

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