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This just in from Singapore:
12:30pm – Dead or Alive Ultimate
James Clifford of New Jersey went undefeated against Korea and Bulgaria to reach the knock out round of Dead or Alive Ultimate, another Xbox game. He took some time of from playing before coming to Singapore and hopes that will help his concentration going into his match against Cheng Ping Yang of Taiwan today.
2:00pm – Halo 2
Team 3D also has a team competing in the hugely popular Halo 2 category, comprised of Dan and Tom Ryan – 19 year old twins from Ohio known as the “OGRE Twins.”  The brothers have been wreaking havoc in the competition, dispensing with the Netherlands, Columbia and Switzerland before walloping their most favored challenger Canada in the pool round. If the script plays to plan, they will face Canada again in the gold medal match. Next up in the knock out round, the UK takes their chances against the Ogre Twins.

2 thoughts on “Xbox News from the World Cyber Games

  1. Brad says:

    Sweet. Im rootin for the Ogres. Im originally from ohio, though. 🙂

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