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Well I’ve had my 360 for a few days now (didn’t get mine til I got back from Zero Hour on Wednesday) and I have to admit… I’m in love!
If you take a look, you can see the cool limited-edition Launch Team faceplate. The little door to the USB ports says "I made this" Also, my hard drive is green and sports a chrome badge that says trixie360 on it.
I can NOT STOP playing Hexic survival mode. Last I checked my high score was just barely higher than DirtyDiva’s, but I suspect she’ll beat my score in the next few hours. Nano551 is close behind as well.
Send pics of your Xbox 360 set-ups to

10 thoughts on “My Xbox 360

  1. Matthew says:

    Just killin me.I havent even received mine yet!

  2. Agustin Cervantes says:

    that 360 rocks!!

  3. Jandrews says:

    I am liking the faceplate, its pretty nifty with the I made it, adds some nice nostalgia

  4. Barton says:

    Beauty! Looks real nice. Any idea on when those Zero Hour faceplates are supposed to ship?

  5. MthdDirector says:

    That’s cool. See all those sleepless nights paid off. Did you get a white beanie?

  6. Stephen says:

    That’s a nice looking 360! Both you and DirtyDiva have higher survival scores then me… I thought I did good… guess I have to try again.

  7. ROGER says:

    I am so jealous of your Xbox 360 TriXie! It was great seeing you at Zero Hour!

  8. Nano says:

    looks like you and Diva are the ones that are in second and third place now lol…..have fun trying to beat my scores on Marathon, Survival, and Timed……its good being at the top lol

  9. Brad says:

    thats awesome! I wish i could get one!

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