GamerSpeak: Addicted to Arcade?

As Robert Palmer once said "Might as well face it, you’re addicted to Xbox Live Arcade." Well that’s what he MEANT anyway. RIP Robert.
I’m having a serious substance abuse issue. No, it’s not shoes this time; it’s the Arcade games. Everyone at work is obsessed with them. If it’s not Zuma it’s Hexic or Geometry Wars. In light of this epidemic, I decided to make it the subject of the next GamerSpeak.
Which Xbox Live Arcade games are you playing? Do you think you’re addicted? Are you in it for the high score or the achievements? Do you have anyone you’d LOVE to beat at an Arcade game? What’s the dealio? Write me at and let me know.


  1. Geometry Wars is by far the most addicting game for the arcade. I cant purchase any Microsoft Points for whatever reason, and so im stuck playing the demo.

  2. I’m playing that Outpost Kaloki game (or whatever it is called) and Spades. The Outpost game is actually a very well done game and I hope they produce more titles.

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