Zuma takes its gruesome toll

Well Happy New Year to you all!
I know I SAID I’d be spending my vacation playing Robotron. I lied. I spent nearly every moment torturing myself with Zuma. I finally beat Stage 8! I also got the Gap Finder and 24 Hour achievements!
The downside is that 9-3 is driving me completely batshit. It’s called Altar of Mixtec or something, but I call it "Tic-Tac of the Mic-Mac" and it is pure evil. I always screw it up!
I got so frustrated with the f*cktacious Mic-Mac (I invent new swear words when I play) that I switched to Gauntlet mode. After racking up 120,000 points all my little marbles drained down the bunghole and I tried to put down my controller. Tried, but failed because I’d been gripping it so tightly for so long that my hands were frozen into gnarled little claws that look like this:


  1. I haven’t tried Zuma yet! Hmmm maybe I should line up a good orthopedic surgeon…Happy NwYr

  2. oh wait, there’s "bungholes" in Zuma??! I’m not sure I’m down w/ my "little marbles" falling into "bungholes" if you know what I mean. Yikes. I’d rather play team hardcore :O

  3. Yes I’m obviously addicted to Zuma as well, made it level 9-4 last night, that’s the one I really suck at (even 5-4 gives me problems). Here’s a small tip, play through from the beggining of game so you can rack up extra lives for those later levels. It takes a long time (one game played for 2 hours last night) but I did break 500,000

  4. Ooh good idea, Feelz! I don’t know that my fingers could take it though.Oh yeah, 9-4 is just about as bad as it gets. (I did get past the nefarious Mic-Mac a couple times, but it was a fluke)

  5. Zuma is oh so sweet…………..cant get enough of it , but at the same time it makes wanna send my remote flying ….lol

  6. Hey TriXie, can we use you as a hand model over at XBS for holding game boxes in our reviews? 😉

  7. I beat stage 9, there’s a completely new level in there that will drive you up the wall. I can now die happy.

  8. I met you in real life and I never realized you had such pretty hands, what a shame… PS: Must convince the wife to let me download the full version of Zuma and that it will not mean that I will entirely give up on sleep.

  9. I just got to 9-4, I could never get past the 8’s but somehow tonight I flew through them setting ace times on the last 3 levels. I was about to give up on that game, and I got a few more Hexic achievements right before, still no black pearl though. I guess it was my night for puzzle games.

  10. I actually got to 9-5 last night, amazingly. But tonight my mojo is off and I can’t even get past freakin’ Landing Pad! Grrr.

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