No game for gamers: a sad story

This video is the sad sad story of many girls’ lives. Gamers would rather play the next level than… uh… y’know. Kinda like Microsoft guys…if they’d ever stop working, they might get some action. Hey I guess PowerPoint has its charms, but PLEASE.
Thanks to Huck for this one.


  1. That was great, TriXie! But if the wife puts on that nursing outfit you have below, ol’ Gronar drops the controller and runs! 🙂

  2. I’ll admit I’ve been late to things cuz of Live, but when it comes to "getting down" I’ve dropped te controller and not even signed out. That was hilarious though, I’m slammed at work but took a minute to watch, definitely cheered me up, thanks.

  3. Just make sure the headset is turned off! That’s why ESRB ratings don’t apply to the online experience, hehe

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