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Today is not only Friday the 13th, it is also the 26th day of rain in Seattle…and I can’t get past 9-4 Shrine of Quetzalcoatl in Zuma.
Ergo, here is the list of songs on my iPod containing the word "Blues"
"A Mess of Blues" – Elvis Presley
"32-20 Blues" – Robert Johnson
"Billie’s Blues" – Billie Holiday
"Damn Right I’ve Got the Blues" – Buddy Guy
"Dust my Blues" – Elmore James
"Empty Bed Blues part 1" – Bessie Smith (very dirty if you listen carefully)
"Instinct Blues" – White Stripes
"Mean Woman Blues" – Elvis Presley
"St. Lous Blues "- Bessie Smith (Yes, that’s Louis Armstrong on cornet)
"Stormy Monday Blues" – T-Bone Walker

3 thoughts on “Rainy Friday the 13th Blues

  1. Kubes says:

    blues clues…lmfao hope no 1 in the xbox live department has THAT on thier iPod

  2. Nicholas says:

    with that much rain the whole city of seattle must be depressed. I can only imagine how bad it’s gonna be when the seahawks lose tomorrow.

  3. Surly Duff says:

    only 10? 😉

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