My little namesake’s wardrobe malfunction

Anjo Banjo borrowed my name for a fairy doll she created at Cartoon Doll Empire. I think she’s cute! Maybe I should become a redhead?
Also, notice the slight wardrobe malfunction…the boob slippage. This unfortunately has happened to me. I was at this beach bar in the Hamptons with a posse of Italian boys from Queens. There was Louie and Frankie and Cheese and Billy Simple and Tommy and Two-Ton Tony. Anyway, the incident involved a pink bikini, dancing with Frankie to "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" (yes, I was that inebriated) and getting busted for kissing Frankie when I was Louie’s girlfriend. Anyway, when the pictures came out, there was some slippage. ie, portion of boobie escaping the bottom of the bikini top. Good times. Kinda.

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