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Can I marry my cellphone?

Pretty please? It’s so pink and delightful.
It’s the v3 Razr in hot pink!!!!
Oh how I adore it!!

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12 thoughts on “Can I marry my cellphone?

  1. Jeremy on said:

    What would happen if your pink razr got together with my black razr???Hmm…

  2. Barton on said:

    Funny you should post this. Just last week I finally broke down and bought Mrs FragMaster the same one. She’s calls people lately just to say "Hi, I’m talking to you on my pink RAZR".

  3. Christa on said:

    lol Frag. That’s awesome. I do the same thing! Plus I make people call me so I can hear my Pussycat Dolls ringtone. "Don’tcha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?"

  4. Agustin Cervantes on said:

    Very cute, can i have one in black? my old Z600 is very cool, but i’m a gadget maniac.

  5. Pocket PC 6700 Smartphone here. From verizon, black with silver accents…You may be exicted about your PCD ringtone, but I can use any WAV or WMA file for a ringer AND assign every single contact I have their own personal ringer. Oh, and I can watch movies.And play bejeweled/zuma.and surf the net.and sync to my pc…But, you’ve got me "beat" on the pink thing…I just can’t hold up to that. 🙂

  6. Christa on said:

    I did purchase Bejeweled for 4.99. But I didn’t see Zuma offered!!! I don’t know what all this pink delight can do for me yet, but so far it’s goodness.

  7. I do have to give MS props for something real quick on the pocket pc side–Voice Command is the best and most amazing thing ever. $40 app. You say "What is my next appointment" and does text to speech on the calendar. You say "What is the battery level" it tells you. You say "Call Trixie on mobile" it will pull my contacts, search for trixie and then call the mobile number instead of work, home, etc. Absolutely amazing. Great job MS.

  8. "I did purchase Bejeweled for 4.99. But I didn’t see Zuma offered!!! I don’t know what all this pink delight can do for me yet, but so far it’s goodness."Who’s your service with?

  9. T-Mobile.

  10. I happen to be the "marketing games guy" for T-Mobile USA, and I know that we’ve got Zuma for the V3/RAZR. Should be in "New & Hot" (right under "Dodgeball" on the first page). I could even send you a free game, but for that I’d need your number (probally not a safe thing to post online). 😉

  11. Christa on said:

    oooh Mr Hardman, you have made me a very happy TriXie. I’m gonna go download Zuma right now!!Say goodbye to my work productivity!!!

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