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I guess this is sort of like Randomocity, but here’s some stuff I’ve been pondering over and some stuff that’s been bugging me:
How many black tank tops does one girl need? Seven? Eight? Am I alone in this? I also realized that I have 8 pairs of boots. Does that sound excessive? To me it seems exactly the correct number. Do my Uggs count as boots? JN says they’re slippers.
The one discordant thing in Madonna’s new CD is one of her lyrics for I Love New York: "Other cities….make me feel like a dork." Well, first of all, how likely is it that Madonna has ever felt like a dork? The girl’s got chutzpah up the yin-yang. Mostly though: What a stupid freakin’ line! I know it’s dance music, but it makes me cringe every time. C’mon, Madge, how about "I went to 7-11… to get me a spork" or "I sat home and watched… Mindy and Mork" or "chicken sucks…the other white meat is pork." Okay, okay, I’ll stop. 
Does anyone else have this trouble while playing Zuma: your eyes frickin drying out? Clearly I’m not blinking while I play. At all. Ouch.
I am sooo damn fed up with DVD packaging. It shouldn’t take me 15 minutes and two different sharp implements to get in there. Seriously. And whyyyyy, if i’ts already in shrink-wrap, must I unpeel three of those damn sticker things!!! THIS is why people download media. Who needs the aggravation of CDs and DVDs? And those damn cases always break!
Case in point: I have every episode of Sex and the City on DVD. I bought them as they were released, not in the giant pink set that you need a second mortgage to purchase. So they’ve got this cool, funky clear plastic foldy, wacky packaging. Which falls the f apart. I had to get clear packing tape and put Season One and Season Three back together today. That ain’t right.
I bought two pairs of shoes this weekend. One online and one in a real store (Bonus; the stores are empty today! I should’ve booked a spa appointment). FYI stacked heels and platforms are all the way in this spring. Little tip from me to you.

4 thoughts on “The no-blinking, boot-counting, Madonna-bashing post

  1. Ana I says:

    I have too many black tops, so I lost count. Then again I wear a lot of black in a non-goth way. And cool you got the Sex and the City episodes. I got all the episodes too…Btw, nice black shoes.  🙂

  2. Nicholas says:

    well I’m a guy, so I don’t have black tank tops, but I do own about 14
    solid black t-shirts.   I picked up Zuma again this weekend,
    my eye were so DRY and RED, I had to stop playing in the middle of a
    game because they hurt.

  3. Patrick says:

    The EYES, yes.  I call them ZUMAEYES.  After a long session they start to fail me.  Too much focusing I guess.

  4. I says:

    I with you all the way!  First of all, you can never have too many
    shoes…ever…Second, Zuma does have a way of suspending the blink
    function of the eyes.  Never experienced anything like it. 
    Go Zuma!

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