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Okay, so remember how I told you Xbox is like a frat house? Well it’s really fun most of the time, but if you’re a girl you’re just never going to be a frat brother… the best you can hope for is most favored nation status as the delgate from a sister sorority. Sometimes that sucks.
Anyway. Too many boys. Here are the songs on my iPod that have "girl" in the title. BTW, my iPod mini is almost maxed out. Should I upgrade to a bigger ‘Pod, or switch to a device that is a little more tolerant and plays nice with other file formats? I’d love to be able to play my purchased music on my 360 (like when i’m getting spanked by the mean mushrooms in Crystal Quest), but do you know how much money I’ve spent on iTunes? Seriously, do you know, because I have no freakin’ idea.
  1. "A Girl Like You" – The Smithereens
  2. "About A Girl" – Nirvana
  3. "About A Girl" – Cibo Matto
  4. "American Girl" – Tom Petty
  5. "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" – Jet
  6. "Bad Girls" – Donna Summer
  7. "Brown Eyed Girl" – Van Morrison
  8. "Everybody’s Girl" – Rick Springfield
  9. "Extraordinary Girl" – Green Day
  10. "Girl You Have No Faith in Medicine" – White Stripes
  11. "Girls Girls Girls" – Liz Phair
  12. "Good Girls Don’t" – The Knack
  13. "Harajuku Girls" – Gwen Stefani
  14. "Here Comes My Girl" – Tom Petty
  15. "Heroin Girl" – Everclear
  16. "Hollaback Girl" – Gwen Stefani
  17. "Jesse’s Girl" – Rick Springfield
  18. "Material Girl" – Madonna
  19. "My Girl" – The Temptations
  20. "Naughty Girl" – Beyonce
  21. "Oh Girl" – The Chi-Lites
  22. "Rich Girl" – Gwen Stefani
  23. "Thank You Girl" – The Beatles
  24. "That Girl Has Love" – Rooney
  25. "Third World Girl" – Marvin Gaye
  26. "Too Bad About Your Girl" – The Donnas
  27. "Unlucky Girl" – Big Mama Thornton
  28. "What a Night, What a Moon, What a Girl" – Billie Holiday
  29. "Your Girl" – Mariah Carey
Holla back, Surly…

10 thoughts on “Antidote to the Boys’ Club

  1. Matthew says:

    Possibly the first one you will win…but Surly.  Well, he is Surly…see what he has in store for us.

  2. Surly Duff says:

    Nope, TriXie loses this one…45 to 29

  3. MthdDirector says:

    yeah well I’ve go the opposite problem …I’ll never be a sorority sister.  Nobody appreciates my fart jokes.  It’s sad 😉

  4. Agustin Cervantes says:

    Yes, i think you should really move to the next Ipod model, the new 30GB is awesome.I have a 4thG 20GB ipod and i loved it, i have some other models before and i don’t like it.

  5. Nicholas says:

    I got the new video iPod, and it’s great.  If you spend a lot on
    iTunes though watch out, tv shows add up quick.  Shows I’ve
    downloaded, Lost, Law & Order, The Office, South Park, Beavis and
    Butthead, and the entire season of Sleeper Cell.

  6. Mike says:

    Mike wins.  57 to 45 to 29.

  7. Mike says:

    one other comment–
    I have the vid Ipod and I enjoy it greatly.  I think video on iTunes is a bit too pricey.  With the right mix of software, getting "your" content on there isn’t hard, just time consuming.  I usually set it to convert a DVD overnight, 3 hours later it is done and ready to Xfer.  Same with content recorded on WinMCE.

  8. Mark says:

    If your interested in playing your purchased iTunes music on your XBox 360 then look into the hymn project. (Hear Your Music aNywhere)
    If you haven’t upgraded to the latest iTunes 6.0 and you agree with why the project was created then you can convert all your iTunes music into mp3s.

  9. Sean K. says:

    Hmm…no Billy Joel, "Uptown Girl"? ; )

  10. Angela M says:

    I say get yourself a bigger iPod, and just find better formats to use for your music.  Everything on my iPod is on my PC and streamable through my 360.  That’s the way to be.  I hate non-standard formats.

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