Cool Gamerscore T-shirt

Check this t-shrt I had made. Thanks! I onlyhad 12 made… do you think we (Xbox) should order a bunch for prizes? In other words, do you likey?


  1. Definetly.
    Ya just gotta get some male shirts in there (I dont look good with those girl sleeves).

  2. thats really cool!I’d like one! Male- Size Large  ….j/kbut yeah that is really cool

  3. Nice message. Short and sweet. Maybe it’s the weather where I am right now, but I’d dig a long sleeved shirt. Also, something else equally catchy on the back. (i.e. "for gamertag, inquire at front")

  4. SunriseID can spit those out by the boatload.  I’d buy one…
    Another idea–for a ladies’ shirt:  Size does matter–How big is YOUR gamerscore? 

  5. Those shirts look great!  I’d buy several if they were mass produced and for sale.  Making more for "prizes" definitely gets my vote.

  6. Oooh LOVE them. It’s about time we had some cool girly stuff to wear.

    Neda, please…Not everyone likes to dress up like a marshmallow when they go to special events. 😀

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