Burnout Revenge contest coming up 3/13

Hourly winners, great prizes. Check all the details on Xbox.com!

4 thoughts on “Burnout Revenge contest coming up 3/13

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  1. sounds cool, im just not sure if i wanna spend $60 on a game i already played the heck out of on the xbox …………yeah i know it looks sweet and has some new modes but i beleive all the tracks are the same and may start to bore me…………still up in the air on this one.

  2. This news might have swayed me away from GRAW. I’m not one to be easily influenced, it will just be fun to know that by just playing I’m part of some huge competition.

  3. Held off buying Burnout Revenge for the XBOX and reserved a copy for the 360.  Very happy about the 21 days of carnage.   I just hope the alienware computers given as prizes work when the winners receive them.

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