words about words

  • The Oscars didn’t seem as long as they usually do. Loved Jon Stewart. Loved him as in "his wife must go bye-bye so that I can take her place." I would learn to cook for him. Real food.
  • Heath and Joaquin were ROBBED! Yes, I wanted them both to win.
  • Jack Nicholson has become like a parody of himself. Sorta like Bob Dylan.
  • That slow-motion car accident ‘musical number’ thing was STOOOOPID. Whoever thunk o’ that should be sh*tcanned immediately.
  • I have a fabulous new pair of boots–Frye Villagers. I told the Xbox MVPs about them on a recent conference call. They were not impressed. See below–they’re the brown lace-ups. For those keeping track that makes nine pairs of boots.
  • I am coveting another pair of boots. They are red and delightful. If I get them it will make the fourth pair of Frye’s and the tenth pair overall. Don’t you think it would be wise to have an even number of boots? It could be bad luck to stop at nine. See pic below.
  • I took my favorite fourth grader to see Curious George. Soooo cute! I need a monkey! The Jack Johnson CD that goes with is fabulous as well.
  • Don’t look now but stretch pants are back! Yes, like the locusts they have returned to wreak havoc on the asses of America. Just say no ladies.
  • Speaking of transgendered peeps (weren’t we just talking about them? no? sorry) why is it that the manliest, heftiest dudes seem to want to be women? I know a fella who is about 6’2" with a weight problem who is attempting to achieve the feminine mystique with a stuffed bra and pigtails. It ain’t working. I can’t imagine trying to be a man… I would get my bottom kicked every damn day. The only way my bitchy ass survives is because I’m a girl and people can’t hit me.
  • I read two Stephen King books recently. His new one "Cell" and an older one "From a Buick 8." Neither one scared me. Am I growing tougher, or is he going soft?
  • I am eating waaaaay too many Girl Scout cookies. The All Abouts are the best. Mmmm.
  • I started reading this awesome book on Dark Matter. But then I realized it was written in 1988. Should I even bother to continue? Will it give me a good foundation of Dark Matter knowledge, or screw me up? Have there been major advancements on DM in the last twenty years? Anyone know?
  • Saturday night at the Viceroy I met a dude who works at Apple. We told iPod stories. He tried to convince me that a Jack Russell Terrier is an exotic dog. I was hoping he would give me free iTunes for life, but apparently I’m off my game.
  • Apologies to JN for blowing her off Friday night.  I had an urgent matter to attend to. Watch JN’s sister’s show 8th and Ocean tomorrow night on MTV.

4 thoughts on “Randomocity

  1. MthdDirector says:

    You’re right, those boots ARE fabulus!
    Glad you liked the little monkey.  Tell your fourth grader Curious George will be on TV too – Fall 06 on PBS – a TV series.  William Macy is the narrator, and he does a fine job 😉

  2. Agustin Cervantes says:

    Nice pair….    of boots….               ;)Very nice color and style, and yes maybe you need to get a more mystical number, maybe 21?

  3. Eric says:

    I don’t believe – not even for a second – that you’d learn to cook.  Nice try.
     – e

  4. Christa says:

    Hey! I make a mean mac-n-cheese with cut up hotdogs. So there.

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