Send Friend Reqs on!

Our awesome team of program managers, devs, and testers (with some help from the content team) worked their tushies off to bring you Friends Management on My Xbox. Early this morning, the features went live. So go sign into My Xbox and check it out. You can type in a gamertag and send a friend req; accept or decline friend reqs; you can even remove friends!
It’s awesome new functionality–and we know you’ll love it!
Yeah, I wrote the article yesterday then went home to sleep while the guys were deploying the features. Ah, the benefits of being technically challenged…


  1. Just went and checked out the new feature to  It is a great idea and glad to hear they plan to keep adding features to  Thank you for the article Trixie.

  2. That rocks!  So many great new functions being brought to Xbox Live, keep ’em comin’, TriXie!

  3. Yeah! Our voices have been heard!  Now we just need the ‘right click’ when composing a forum post to have ‘writing’ options like ‘copy/paste’ instead of internet picture options.

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